Friday, January 30, 2015

Jan 30, 2015 - More Progress

Mango continues to let his feathers grow in.  The ones on the back got a bit barbered but he's doing fairly well on the pulling.  Though I did find one of his chest feathers on the floor of his cage this morning.  These are pictures from last night (He actually pulled one of the center green ones on his chest this AM).  We haven't given him a full soak shower in a couple of weeks.  He gets some light epsom salt spray from a bottle in the mornings.  Though we aren't getting a whole lot in as he tends to fly off.  We coax him with treats, but he's not that keen on getting sprayed yet.

Full Frontal!

Back side


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    1. Yeah I think its definitely working. We'll see what another 5 weeks brings