Thursday, August 29, 2013

Once you pop the fun don't stop!

Mango is spoiled, and gets (healthy) treats and snacks from us - so I thought I would share one he loves!


We have an air popper, so it's not covered in the bad (read: good) stuff like butter and salt - but he loves crunching it with his beak - and we love the beard he gets! He could give ol' Mr. Claus a run for his money somedays :)

(He also loves walnuts, almonds, dried fruits, pom seeds and coconut - which are all part of his everyday diet, too)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Whole New World!

The past few weeks have been quite exciting for Mango!

He is now an outdoor bird!

We have a smaller cage now, that we use to bring Mango outside with us. Here he is for the first time enjoying the new deck!

We're hoping he gets some of the benefits of fresh air and sunlight to help him with his lack of feathers. He doesn't stay out too long, and not in direct sunlight - but he really does seen to enjoy it! He just seems to enjoy being around with us as we do yard work, BBQ with friends and family or relax (and make commentary or laugh with (at) us!). 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

How to combat your household seed thrower

Since we've been giving Mango his new diet, we've noticed a particular issue. When he was on a pellet diet, the crumbs just drop straight down. Now that he is on a pureed sweet potato and seed diet (in the afternoons) he has become ballistic nightmare. Sweet potato covered seed projectiles cover the surrounding area. We came up with an idea however that has helped cut down on the amount of wall-washing we perform on a daily basis. We went to Menards and bought a piece of plexi-glass and hung it with some adjustable links on the side of the cage where he eats. Now he can safely (mostly) test his seed whipping ability without plastering our walls. We just have to take off the plexi-glass occasionally and wash it.